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Jason Patterson has been in the insurance industry for over fifteen years. Starting in 2005, he became one of the first agents to sell medicare supplements online. From that small start, he grew an agency that helped thousands of people with their insurance needs in all fifty states.

The Medicare program can offer you a wide array of protection, including costs that are associated with an inpatient hospital stay, as well as for outpatient surgery, necessary medical equipment, and doctors’ visits. However, even with the many coverages that are provided through Medicare Parts A and B, it doesn’t get everything. There are plenty.. More

It is a well-known fact that health care is the largest part of a seniors’ budget. As we get older, we tend to require more assistance, whether it be through doctor visits, required medical equipment, or even through hospital stays for various reasons. If you don’t like the idea of being responsible for these bills,.. More

There are tons of health-related services and procedures that are covered by Medicare, like inpatient services, doctors’ visits, outpatient surgery, and medical equipment that is ordered by your doctor. Yet, even with the many types of coverages that Medicare provides, this program can still leave a number of “gaps” in its insurance protection – primarily.. More

If you’re a Medicare participant, you probably know about some of the protection the program provides. You might not know about different expenses which get left behind. Those bills which aren’t covered could pile up and require you to reach deep in your savings account to pay them off. There are ten different Medicare Supplement.. More

Even though Medicare can provide a wide array of coverage, there are still many financial “gaps” in this program, which can leave enrollees with high out-of-pocket charges. And, depending on how much you use your Medicare coverage, these costs could make it too expensive. It’s not all bad news, regarding still being able to get.. More

The biggest expenses in most retirees’ budgets is health care. As we age, the need for certain medical services tends to increase – and due to the constantly rising cost, sometimes getting the necessary care can become unaffordable. Even if you have Medicare Part A and B for hospitalization, outpatient surgery, doctor visits, and other.. More

While Medicare Part A and B (which is also known as Original Medicare) covers a lot of costs, this program can also leave a lot of “gaps”- particularly in the area of deductibles, copayments, and/or coinsurance that enrollees are required to pay out of pocket. Because of that, it can sometimes make getting the care.. More

Thrivent Financial Company Review

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If you are in the Original Medicare, Medicare Part A and Part B, then it is likely that you are well aware of the many different charges that you can be hit with, such as deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance costs. In many cases, these charges can truly add up – especially if you frequently use.. More

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Traditional Medicare covers a lot of various expenses. For example, with Medicare Part A, enrollees can be covered for various inpatient hospital services, as well as for some amount of care in a skilled nursing facility, home health care, and hospice care. Part B of Medicare offers coverage that can help with paying for doctors’.. More

Manhattan Life Company Review

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Are you enrolled in Medicare? If you are, hopefully you know all of the expenses which are covered. It’s a long-list of services. The program doesn’t pay for all of the expenses you may run into. Because of this, it can put some Medicare enrollees into financial hardship – particularly those who may require a.. More