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What is a Medicare Special Needs Plan?

Written by Jason Patterson

Although Medicare covers a wide range of health care services for its enrollees, there are some individuals who are eligible for a special type of Medicare plan. This plan is known as a Medicare Special Needs Plan, or an SNP. Because these plans aren’t as common, the confusion is widespread about what it offers. For anyone.. More

Is Medicare Part A Always Premium Free?

Written by Jason Patterson

Medicare was initially established for the purpose of paying certain health care costs for those who are age 65 and over, as well as for other select individuals who qualify based on specific disabilities. The program is estimated to cover roughly 50 million Americans, with more than 40 million of those being seniors. Enrollees have.. More

Medigap Plan M

Written by Jason Patterson

Medicare is a wonderful government program that has provided health care for millions of people across the Untied States. It has helped countless people get the health care services that they need, but it’s not perfect. There are several expenses that it doesn’t cover that could leave some seniors with massive bills that they can’t.. More