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Using Medicare’s Blue Button to Download Your Claims

Written by Evens Stevenson

Dealing with Medicare hasn’t always been an easy ordeal. Once upon a time, you could have spent countless hours talking to Medicare professionals, but for the past several years, the program has worked on making the process easier.

For those who are in the process of filing a claim with Medicare, there is an easy and convenient way to do so – and a way in which you are able to track your claim throughout the entire process.medicare blue button

Medicare’s Blue Button allows Medicare enrollees a way to download their personal health care information to a file and to move that information to their own personal computer. Once there, the file can then be moved to other computer based personal health care management tools. While this is convenient and time saving, it is also a safe and secure way to store and move important health data. It’s important that you are able to quickly and securely access your information.

Using the Blue Button

In order to begin using Medicare’s Blue Button, you will need to initially login to the MyMedicare website and look for the Blue Button information tab. This can be found in the Claims area in the section, when viewing your On the Go Report.

Once there, you can move into the Blue Button area in order to create your file to be downloaded. Next, choose the information that you would like to move to your personal computer, and then select Submit. It’s as easy as that. From them you will be able to have your information and do whatever you need to with it. There could be dozens of different reasons that you need to download it, and having the Blue Button makes it simple to do that.

The information is able to be saved as a text file, a pdf, or both. This way, it can easily be emailed to various recipients and in turn, saved and stored in their systems – depending on which type of system they use.

If you are using a mobile application for downloading your Medicare Blue Button information, you will be able to automate the steps used above for locating and downloading your health care information. If you have any questions or problems downloading your records with the Blue Button, you can contact Medicare professionals and they can walk you through the process.

What Information Will Be Downloaded?

As long as your are a Medicare enrollee, you can use the Blue Button to instantly view your information without having to shuffle through countless files and papers. Using the Blue Button is going to show you a whole list of different aspects of your health.  On the downloaded information, you’ll see a list of all medications that you’ve been prescribed, hospital records, lab results, any allergies, files from your doctors, and health insurance claim information. This makes it extremely easy if you need to share any of this info with your family members or a physician. The days of keeping all of this filed away are long gone.

Reasons for Downloading Your Health Care Information

There are a number of great reasons to consider downloading your personal health care information. One of the primary reasons for doing so is because it gives you, the patient, much more control of this data.

Today, it is possible that individuals may see a number of different health care providers for a variety of issues. By having access to all of your health care information at your fingertips, you can quickly and easily find updated details regarding treatments, providers, and other important data.

Doing so also makes it easier to share your information with all of your caregivers, doctors, or anyone else that you choose – ensuring a much easier time in coordinating your care overall. This alone can help in reducing unnecessary doubling up of medical tests, and unanswered questions from one medical provider to another.

Is Your Information Safe?

Because you will have control of your downloaded information, it will be up to you to ensure that your health care information is protected. Therefore, be sure that you treat this information just as you would your financial or other confidential data.

In doing so, you may want to send your information via encrypted email files in order to keep your messages safe. You should also always keep your files password protected. In addition, consider downloading your information to a flash drive or CD so that you have a back up copy.

Never leave any of your information lying around on a desk or coffee table. There are constantly scammers looking to steal your information, and that could lead to frustration and hours on the phone.

The Blue Button, What you Need to Know

The Blue Button was originally created with help from both CMS and the Veteran’s Administration to make working with Medicare easier and less frustrating. Since it’s creation, it’s been utilized over a million times for enrollees to download their information. This has streamlined working with Medicare to access their health info, not only has it made it easier for beneficiaries, but also for Medicare workers that were doing more hands-on work with the information before the Blue Button, there were also tied up answering questions about how to access information.

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